Caduceus Coil Time Travel|The symbol for doctors is a Caduceus coil type symbol, which makes me paranoid as hell!, caduceus coils give off scalar waves (which can control peoples minds), in the last few days, ive been lead to believe the Caduceus has a great significance to physics, i believe that maybe we (humans) have caduceus coils in our DNA  (billions of them) which might explain natural time slips and other paranormal occurances, those with higher spirituality may have activated dna that contains caduceus coils that are dormant in most human beings, hence scarcity of paranormal occurances.

Heres how to make capacitors with house held supplies:

I need a voltage box or whatever they are called, a black box? i remember using them at skool,

I believe with a crystal radio which doesnt require power from a battery or a wall outlet, you can get the current from ionized air during a rainy day with lightning, i need it to be a rainy day, then i will test the voltage of the circuit with my voltage meter which hopefully will amount to atleast 44 volts DC.